Overall Rating for BullBearings: 4/10

Bullbearings is a British software company specializing in the provision of financial simulation software. It is based in the UK and it works with real information from London Stock Exchange. So if you are in Uk or maybe even in someplace in Europe it would be somewhat useful for you.

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For Schools:3/11

Bullbearings is not a very good option for school usage. It does not provide useful resources for teachers or students to learn about the stock market. The only thing they have is some financial news and a glossary.

For Your Own Contests:  4/6

You are able to create a basic contest. However, you are not able to customize anything. It was hard to know when you are done registering or when you create your own contest since you don’t get any kind of confirmation.

Using It On Your Own: 4/6

This is a very basic website, I consider their website to be user-friendly and organized. However, I didn’t like the amount of advertisement presented.

My review of Bullberings


Bullbearings is based in the UK and it works with real information from London Stock Exchange. Their website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, there are way too many ads on this website. This is very distracting to me, there are like 5 boxes dedicated to advertisements. What’s more, their registration process is very long. This website asks too many questions, some of them are a little personal such as “What is your current income”? This site is definitely not targeted at high school students.

Trading with Bullbearings

When you are ready to trade you have to look for the epic symbol. I have seen in some other market games that you start typing the company name and they give you a list of suggestions. This platform does not offer that, you either have to know the company’s code or you have to look them up first.

Even though you have a transaction history showing you some data, you don’t have any account balance information. I always like to have this kind of information in order to have an in-depth analysis and try creating an effective strategy.

Furthermore, their stock research or quotes are very mediocre. It doesn’t show detailed information about the company, financials, analysis or any historical data. If you want to get this kind of information you will have to get it from another page.


For Teachers

Bullbearings technical supportThis site does not offer anything valuable for teachers. There are no resources for them to use in a classroom setting. You only get a stock market glossary which I liked, but some of the definitions were a little hard to understand for a high-school level. Also, I tried their customer support and I didn’t have a good experience, I sent several emails and none of them were replied. If you are a teacher it will be hard to organize a class using their platform if you don’t have any support.

In my opinion, this is an average platform. However, if you are only interested in the London stock exchange might be somewhat useful to practice trading with it, but you have to take into account that you will have to do some company’s research outside this page.

The Game

Regarding the game itself, this platform doesn’t allow you to customize your own game. Plus, when you create the game you don’t receive any confirmation notification or email, so sometimes it is hard to know if you did create a game or not. In addition, if you want to register to a game you just get the names of the league, but you can’t see how many people are participating, the date of the contest or a description of the game. Same as creating the game, you don’t get any notification or confirmation when you register on it.

If you want to see the rankings you can’t see the whole list, if you are looking in which position is your friend is impossible. You are only able to see the first 50 players.Bullbearing game